Hurricanes History

In October, 2015 a team of 9 junior players stepped onto a diamond at Hawker International Softball Centre, marking the debut season of Hurricanes Softball Club.


Pictured: 2015-2023 players Caleb Vickers and Hugo Cater supported by coaches Janelle Carter and Karl Bauer.

Hurricanes soared into the 2016 season with great momentum, fielding three teams in the Juniors competition. The Comets Junior Softball team were victorious in the Grand Final match that season.


Pictured: U8 Mozzies, Comets Junior Softball and Backhawks Softball teams.

In 2017, Hawker Primary School teams merged the Club, significantly increasing the Hurricanes junior player base, and providing a pathway for the primary school players to continue playing softball with friends into the High School Divisions.

The seasons that followed saw a community of dedicated volunteers foster a positive playing environment for players of all ages and abilities.

The integration of Strikers A Grade Mens team and Angels Softball Club in 2020 was instrumental in Hurricanes cultivating both development pathways for elite players and sustainability in Senior's competition. 

Pictured: Players and team officials from Angels Softball Club playing as an integrated Hurricanes club; and A Grade Strikers players Jeremy Bradbury, Adam Folkard and Nick Norton playing National and International Representative Softball.

In the 2022/23 season, Hurricanes became the biggest softball club in Canberra, fielding the following 14 teams across Seniors, Juniors and recreational competitions:  

U8 Tball - Mozzies

U10 Tball - Hornets

U10 Tball - Avengers

U12 Junior Softball - Comets

High School Division 2 - Spitfires

High School Division 1 - Blackhawks

Women's E Grade - Angles

Women's D Grade - Skyhawks

Women's Mid Week Fast Pitch - Hellcats

Women's Mid Week Fast Pitch - Tiger Cats

Men's C Grade - Angels

Men's C Grade - Devils

Men's B Grade - Vipers

Men's A Grade - Strikers

Pictured: Hurricanes 2022/23 Junior's Teams Mozzies, Hornets, Avengers, Comets, Spitfires and Blackhawks

Hurricanes has a proud legacy of leadership excellence, courtesy of founding President Ange Byron (2015-2017), former President Melissa Ricketts (2018-2023) and current President Deb Fearns. Each President has collaborated with a community of dedicated volunteers to create a thriving club, fostering a cohesive and supportive playing environment that empowers members to maximise their enjoyment of Softball.


Pictured: Founding President Ange Byron and son Justin, following President Melissa Ricketts and son (Dylan) and current President Deb Fearns and daughter Katelyn.

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