Judiciary Panel Process

Judiciary Panel Process


The purpose of this document is to outline the step by step process to address behaviour breaches with the club by players, officials, parents/carers or umpires within the Hurricanes Community.

These principles only apply to infractions or behaviours that aren’t addressed by Softball ACT (SACT) or Softball Umpires Association ACT (SUAACT) disciplinary regulations.

Any ejections or reportable behavior issues reported by SUAACT will be handled by existing SACT Disciplinary processes.

Any complaints should be assessed by the club Executive Committee (otherwise known as Board of Directors) and if required they will stand up a club judiciary panel.

While bad behaviour is not tolerated by the club, bad behaviours do happen. As a club we stand by the Zero tolerance protocols that SACT have in place. However, sometimes behaviours don’t fit within the existing frameworks.

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