Senior Teams

Hurricanes Softball Club provides a comprehensive, inclusive, empowering playing experience that caters to a range of softball aspirations. Our competitive teams in the Seniors league play in ability based divisions, ensuring all players have the opportunity to participate at a level neccessary to maintain and improve their skills.

For eligible Juniors players, participation in the Senior's league offers a platform for continual growth and development. 

Players and their families support our Seniors teams through scoring, managing, coaching, fufilling canteen duties and positive sideline spectating.

Hurricanes Softball Club | Senior Men's League | A Grade (Monday's), B Grade (Tuesday's) and C Grade (Monday's)
C Grade Men only - t​​​​​rain on Wednesday's at 6pm, Hawker

Our A Grade Strikers and B Grade Vipers teams are highly competitive, offering development opportunities for players wishing to maximise their potential and pursue the next level of elite softball. Games are played at Hawker International Softball Complex with A Grade Strikers playing Monday nights and B Grade Vipers playing Tuesday nights.

Our C Grade Angels and C Grade Devils teams complete in an all abilities division, desgined to promote the participation of players who enjoy the social aspects of softball and value the opportunity to play alongside other softball enthusiasts. C Grade teams play Monday evening at Hawker International Softball Complex. 

Hurricanes Softball Club | Senior Women's League | Premier League, D Grade, D Grade and E Grade | Games Saturday afternoon
Training on Wednesday's at 6pm, Hawker

The 2023/24 season will showcase the continued growth of Hurricanes Softball Club, with the planned addition of two new teams in the Women's League. A Premier League team will extend our culture of competitive excellence and allow for the pursit of opportunities to maximise the potential of our elite players. A C Grade team will provide additional opportunities for capable players to refine their abilities on the field.

Our D Grade Skyhawks and E Grade Angels teams compete in recreational divisions designed to promote participation of players who enjoy the social aspects of softball and value the opportunity to develop skills in a supporting playing environment. 

Games are played Saturday afternoons at Hawker International Softball Complex. 

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