Cruising Moorings

Cruising Moorings

 Cruising Moorings are in Broken Bay, Cowan Creek and Pittwater

The seven permanent cruising moorings are for the convenience of club members and display the Club burgee.

Your right to use these moorings is conveyed by a "ASC boat owner" decal issued each year to financial yachts that are registered with the club, this pennant should be fixed to the stern of your yacht. These moorings are for ASC members only and should you find a non-member boat occupying one you have every right to politely ask the skipper to vacate. If a club member is already on the mooring of your choice, please ask if you can raft up with them. Members are expected to share moorings provided it is safe to do so.

Rafting is permitted on club moorings, but not on public or NPWS moorings.  It is generally not a good idea to raft more than 3 boats on one club mooring and be ready to quickly abandon a raft if conditions put extra strain on the device, or swing room becomes too restricted on crowded days.


Moorings are situated as follows:

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Location    Number Capacity Colour Latitude (S) Longitude (E)
 America Bay - 1  CL27481 10t Yellow -33° 35.775' 151° 15.316'
 Coasters Retreat - 1 CL21971 20t Yellow -33° 36.253' 151° 17.740'
 Coasters Retreat - 2 CL21972 20t Yellow -33° 36.225' 151° 17.670'
 Refuge Bay - 1 70K01 10t Yellow -33° 36.090' 151° 15.133'
 Refuge Bay - 2 70K02 10t Yellow -33° 36.110' 151° 15.124'
 Towlers Bay - 1 CL2474 20t Yellow -33° 37.261' 151° 17.395'

 Datum: WGS84                                                       

Note: this information was physically verified on 23rd June 2012. Capacity updated 20th Dec 2012

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