The Club has a fleet of approximately 50 yachts ranging from 20ft to over 40ft, wooden Coutas to modern Club Racers and everything in between, including a wide range of experience. Beginners are very welcome and there is a lot that can be learnt from other members, some if which are very experienced cruisers and racers.

Whilst not all yachts race, there is always a lively fleet on each Sunday race day. The Race course is, for the most part, inside the protected area known as Pittwater with a few events heading up into the Hawksbury river, one off shore that ventures out towards Box Head. Our races are hotly contested but are friendly and do not normally create stress for either the crew or the boat. Since the fleet comprises a wide variety of yachts all races are on a handicap system, so the choice of spinnaker or non spinnaker is yours and will be taken into account in the handicap. All yachts require a Category 7 Safety Certificate (Blue Water Shield requires Cat 5). 

The Club has a small but active cruising division made of a wide variety of yachts. All are very welcome to join the sailing, and enjoy the good company, fine wine and excellent food that is typical of any of our weekend cruises.

The Club provides a tender service for boat owners on sailing Sundays in the season.

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