We have been training young people to sail for many decades with a team of young instructors plus dedicated people supported by enthusiastic parents in place at all times. In addition we employ qualified coaches and run structured training programs. There are three divisions in Junior sailing at ASC: Blue, Red and Gold Divisions. Blue is for absolute beginners, Red is intermediate and Gold is when these juniors start to race in club series and interclub regattas. Racing against similar boats is certainly one way to develop your skills but sailing simply for the enjoyment is valid too.

Dinghies (centreboards) can be for children or adults and is an upfront way to learn the specific skills of sailing, 

This PDF document provides details on classes, recommended sailing paths, guidance on the right class for your child and links to association websites. 

Boat Classes

Manly Junior: 2 handed racing boat with 3 sails aimed at children typically in primary school

O'pen Skiff: single-handed racing boat aimed at children in the 9 - 15 year age group

Flying 11: 2 handed high performance skiff with 3 sails and skippers typically in high school with crew potentially younger

Spiral: single-handed racing boat from teenager to adult

Club Racing Calendar for 2023-24 Season

Sailing Divisions

Blue Group (DS Start Sailing 1/2): Absolute beginners that learn to sail in the club's own fleet of Iain Murray designed Nippas and Puffin Pacers. Children tend to be aged 7 - 14 years, sailing is every Sunday morning between 8:30 and 11:00 am when the breeze is expected to be light.

Red Group (DS Better Sailing, Start Racing): Sailors who are developing their skills, have normally completed the prior season in Blue Group or other learn to sail programs. Sailors own their boats, or lease hire boats from the club for the season. Sailing is every Sunday morning between 8:30 and 11am. Children are encouraged to join Gold PM as Novices when conditions suit and skills are improving.

Novice PM (DS Better Racing): This group is designed for sailors who have recently completed Red Group to start racing in the afternoon with coach support. The races will be shorter than the Gold PM group with coach boats able to go onto the race course to assist and instruct where needed. This group is designed to introduce sailors to racing. Classes encouraged include F11, MJs, Lasers and Open Skiffs.

Gold PM: Afternoon race program for O'pen Skiff Gold Fleet and Flying 11, Spiral and WASZP open fleets. Racing is from 1:30pm to 4:30pm in up to 25 Knots.

Notice of Race & Sailing Instructions

Australia Day 2021 Sailing Instructions

What Avalon tries to do

Avalon tries to avoid too much pressure by keeping things fun and engaging more experienced teenagers into the learning process, it is not perfect but has had some great results.

If you seem to have a problem, talk to other members, maybe we can help each other resolve it. Very likely others will have faced something similar.

Just remember that the adult helpers are all just volunteers, trying to help you and continue to build a great club.

One day you may even meet a record winning Sydney to Hobart Skipper or the Regatta director for the America's Cup !

Have fun and learn safely ... sounds like a good idea.


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