Sunday Sailing Program, Duties & Roster

Sunday Sailing Program, Duties & Roster

The Club has organised sailing programs for all Sundays in the Sailing Season with the exception of Centreboard Programs that do not run during the middle weekends of Spring and Autumn School Holidays and not at all during Summer School Holidays, the Yacht program runs all season. Check the events calendar to confirm the actual dates.

The Club relies very much on the support and volunteering of its members to function. Most members chose Avalon because it gives them an opportunity to get involved in the activities, on and off the water, hands on with the equipment and kids.

Members self select volunteer duties from the roster in SignUp Genius (click the button below)

Volunteer for a morning role Click Here

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OODs should be familiar with:

Afternoon OOD & Yacht Coordinator Role Description & Run Sheet

ASC Operating Procedures.

Calling an Ambulance

1 page summary of the day, and each of the roles.

Centreboard Duties & Descriptions of each role

Safe Sailing - Decision Aid/Cheatsheet

Start Boat Roles

Yacht Race Start Flags Cheatsheet

Morning Canteen Instructions

Afternoon Canteen Instructions

Sunday Timeline:

7:50   Morning OOD & Response Crew arrive to prepare support boats

8:00   Coaches Briefing

8:15   Blue Group parents arrive & start rigging boats

8:30   Blue Group briefing followed by on water activities

10:00 Red Group parents arrive & start rigging boats 

10:30 Red Group briefing followed by on water activities

10:30 Blue Group derig and put boats away, followed by debrief

13:00 Red Group derig and put boats away, followed by debrief


13:00 Yacht Race start


12:30  Gold sailors arrive, rig boats

13:00  Gold Briefing 

14:00  Gold Racing

16:30  Gold Racing finishes, debrief, derig & put boats away


16:00 - 17:00  Yacht race finishes


16:00 - 18:00. Bar open, BBQ & canteen

18:00  End of the day


There are a number of rostered duties and lots of people help

Prior to the day:

OOD calls around to check all are available, eg Coordinators, canteen, Race control or ROs for each team and  "Response Crew"

Race Control or RO for Midday and Gold Afternoon ... call around their team to check all OK.

On the day:

Officer Of the Day (OOD), 7.50am~ end (6pm?), checks people are right to go, unlocks the club, manages overall safety and coordinates the day, oversees club asset allocation( e.g. boats)  and its volunteers as a whole.

Yacht Coordinator: 12:00 ~ end (6pm?), Sets the yacht course, ensures marks are laid, runs the yacht start and finish, results to handicapper and press. Manages yacht safety and participation.

Canteen Morning: 8:15~13:00,  Collect pies from Olivers at Careel Bay shops & rolls etc from Amber Waves, Avalon Parade. These will have been pre-ordered.  Open canteen, serves during morning / lunch period. Insructions are on wall above the sink. 

Canteen Afternoon: 12:30 ~ end (6pm?), serves during afternoon, clean up and pack away.

Response Crew: 8:00~end or as rostered, Launch and prepare all club response boats, fuel as required, prepare marks for training and racing, assist laying of marks, morning and afternoon, pack up.

Morning Mentor: 8:15~13:00, Overall management of morning training (Blue and Red groups), specifically of morning instructors.

Morning Lead Instructors (3): 8:15 ~13:00, Organise their team, help launch power boats, guide other instructors, brief children in their group, check safety of kids and boats, plan and run their session, keep radio contact.

Morning Assist Instructors (3): 8:15~13:00, assist lead Instructors and hone their skills

Morning Other Instructors: 8:15~13:00, look, ask, learn and help

Morning Blue/Red Administrators/deck coordinators (parent): 8:30~13:00, keep attendance, children allocated to a boat, have correct equipment (life jacket, shoes, sunscreen)

Morning Blue/Red Shore Coordinator (parents) 8:45~13:00, deck and boats are organised, coordinate children and parents loading and unloading boats, ensure all are packed at end, complete damage report each week.

Morning Blue/Red On water Coordinators (parents) 9:00~13:00, go out with mentor as extra pair of hands

Morning Blue/Red Canteen (parents) 8:45~13:00 help out in the canteen or morning BBQ

Gold PM Race Control or RO  13:00 ... call RPAYC and or BYRA to check that all is ok, coordinate race course selection, attending boats etc..

Gold PM Race Control: 13:00~end, manages afternoon racing and volunteers, ensures paperwork is completed prior to racing (sign on sheets), start and finish sheets, docs organised to go to handicapper.

Gold PM Briefing: 13:30~13:40, brief the afternoon Gold fleet for the day. Could be done by Race Control or RO for the morning.

Gold PM Race Officer (RO*): 13:00~end, manages the actual afternoon racing ie, sets course, start boat, flags finishes, safety etc. *acts as additional scribe if other club is rostered as RO.

Gold PM Scribe: 13:00~end, manages/records results for all fleets for afternoon racing. Additional scribes from RPAYC and BYRA may join on the start boat.

Gold PM Mark Boat: 13:00~end, assist boat boys in laying and retrieving afternoon marks

Gold PM Response Boat 1: 13:30~end, response boat to leave at similar time to boats leaving the beach

Gold PM Response Boat 2: 13:30~end, particularly if weather is marginal.

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