Pickleball Australia Association welcomes new members.

Memberships are completed via State and Club portals or if you are an INTERNATIONAL MEMBER find the link below.

Click on your State association to join through them - some states will then have links for you to join their affiliated clubs.

Please see here for the terms of this membership application TERMS

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Pickleball Association of ACT  

Northern Territory                                

Pickleball Association of NSW

Pickleball Association of Queensland 

Pickleball Association of South Australia

Pickleball Tasmania                                        

Pickleball Victoria                        

Pickleball Association of Western Australia 

International Registry

Membership will have been deemed to have occurred on completion of the application form and the payment of the relevant fees, unless, within 60 days of applying the application is rejected by the club, state association or PAA.  If this occurs the applicant will be notified in writing.  In the event of rejection all fees will be refunded.