Pickleball Australia Association Ltd


Membership benefits, other than the right to vote, will be available to you on completion of the application form and the payment of the relevant fees. Your application will be acknowledged by email including a membership number. Your right to vote and official membership will be automatic, unless, within 60 days of applying, the application is rejected by the club, state association, or PAA. If this occurs you will be notified in writing and all fees will be refunded.

Please note:

1. If approved, an individual becomes a member of PAA and the State body and the affiliated club (if relevant) through which they applied.

2. In the situation that membership is not approved, the applying member will receive a full refund of the registration costs.

3. If membership is not approved an individual may still apply directly to the level above for membership.


I understand and will adhere to the policies and guidelines, as applicable, provided by Pickleball Australia Association Limited, its affiliated state members associations and the affiliated club associations.

I further declare:

1. I consider myself to be physically fit and capable of full participation and agree to notify my nominated association if this changes.  Furthermore, in the event I am injured I give permission for event organisers to obtain emergency  medical treatment on my behalf.

2. At pickleball events I will be responsible for monitoring my health status, warming up before sessions, hydrating to maintain fluids during sessions and cool down after sessions.  I will follow directions from Event Hosts at any pickleball events attended.

(Lodgement of this application is taken as a signature to this declaration)