Central Coast Speedway Kart Club Inc

Motorsport Safety

WARNING - Kart Racing is Dangerous

Karting NSW (KNSW) and its affiliates are in the business of providing recreational services that relate to the sport of Go-Karting, including official and private practice, come & try days, demonstrations, displays and race competition.

By entering the Venue any attendee is at risk of death or of suffering personal injury (both physical and pyschological) or loss and damage to property arising from KNSW conducting its Business. Each Attendee releases and indemnifies KNSW and holds it harmless with respect to all liability for death, personal injury and all other loss and damage, including damage to property howsoever arising, except to the extent prohibited by law.

The Attendee voluntarily entered the Venue at its own risk and knows that Go-Karting is a potentially dangerous activity.

Affiliates of KNSW include, but are not limited to its Ordinary Members, associate members, provisional members, life members, honorary members, temporary members, Committee members, Trustees, License Holders, Officials, Instructors/Coaches, Employees and Volunteer workers, the Board of KNSW, promoters, sponsors and owners and lessees and licensees of the land, organisers and respective servants, officials and agents.

Venue Safety Requirements

All persons entering the Venues restricted areas, must wear fully enclosed footwear.

During an event, smoking, welding or naked flames (such as BBQ's) are not permitted in the paddock or restricted areas. Note that the entire Showground is also now a non-smoking zone.

A compliant Fire Extinguisher should be available in each Kart trailer / Pit area.

The use of cycles, skateboards, scooters or similar are not permitted in the paddock area during an event.

All persons must hold a valid (Government issued) Driver’s licence to drive a registered motor vehicle within the perimeter of any KNSW licensed premises.






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