Central Coast Speedway Kart Club Inc

Life Members

Life Members

Thank you to the Members below, who have been awarded Life Memberships, for their outstanding contributions to the club for over 5 years or more.

Any further Members you feel are deserving, can be nominated via the Secretary, for voting at our Annual General Meetings. 

Name Year Awarded Positions Held
Alan Hann (Late) ? First President
Allan Charlier ? First Treasurer, Secretary
Jeff Pickering ? First Secretary
Cleve Smith ? First Vice President
Brad Archer ? President, Vice President
Rhonda Pickering ? Treasurer
Fraser Johnston ? President, Secretary, Public Officer
Greg Smidt 2011 President, Vice President, Delegate, Track Team
Greg Paul 2012 President, Track Team
Victor Maastricht 2012 President, Vice President, Treasurer, Delegate
Trish Maastricht (Late) 2013  Secretary, Treasurer, Delegate, Public Officer
Joanne Smidt 2013  Treasurer
Mick Conner 2014 Volunteer, Starter, Track Team 
Greg Ryan 2015 Starter, Club Captain, Track Team
Bill Morley 2023 President, Delegate, Track Team



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