Central Coast Speedway Kart Club Inc

Member Terms/Forms

Membership Terms/Forms

Memberships run for either 1 or 2 years from the date of your original application.

Memberships must be renewed prior to your expiry date, as after 7 days this will lapse.

Visit portal.kartingnsw.com.au and create an account (if needed) to apply for or renew your Membership.

Memberships may be renewed at any time, or whilst renewing your Karting NSW Licence.

You must be a Member of at least one Karting NSW kart club in order to maintain your Kart drivers Licence.

You need to maintain a valid Membership in order to participate in the Club Championship for drivers.

All Members must be 18 years old or over. Members under this age, must have a parent/guardian manage on their behalf.

Upon acceptance of Membership, Members agree to abide by the Club's Constitution and Code of Conduct.

Any persons/families attending our Come & Try sessions, may have their fees credited towards a new Membership.

Contact our Club Secretary for any assistance required.


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