Four Wheel Driving & exploring an underground creek with snorkels


Fri 05 May 2023 16:00 — Sun 07 May 2023 15:00

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VSAG are going inland for a weekend of four wheel driving and we are packing our masks & snorkels. 

Base camp will be at  Running Creek reserve which is accessible to small caravans and most 2WD vehicles.  Bring a camper or just bring a tent. Facilities are basic. Drop toilets and fire pits is pretty much all you can expect.

On Saturday we can car pool into our 4WD vehicles for a day trip into Mitchells Homestead.  We will break along the way at an abandoned slate mine.  This is a great photo opportunity in the high country.

The valley around Mitchells creek reportedly collapsed in during the last century.  The creek now runs for approximately 500m along the valley beneath large bolders. We will rock hop and dip into the creek with torches and snorkels as we trace its course down stream.

Break for a picnic lunch at the Mitchells Homestead area (note: there is no homestead - pack your own picnic lunch).   Return to Running Creek Reserve for dinner by the campfire.


Saturday night is traditionally our camp oven roast night.  I will be having a roast but I'm not likely to have any to spare - its self catering!


Sunday morning for the brave: float down the Howqua river with a mask and look at the yabbies, crays and fish. Try not to spook the fly fishermen.

Sunday 4x4 trip is along a ridge hugging track that overlooks Lake Eildon.  We drop off the ridge into Jamieson for lunch at the pub.  You can head on home from the pub or return to camp to get some more smokey hair and smokey clothes. Mmmmm


Is it expensive? : $0.00  Free camping, self catering.

How will I find the group?: Look for a VSAG sign when you get to the Running Creek reserve.

Is the campsite accessible to my lowered VH Commodore?  No, but any sensible two wheel drive vehicle will make it into camp.

Can I take my tri-axle 32foot long caravan?: No, there are a few humps on the narrow gravel road into base camp.  Tents are easiest option. But most vans up to around 18feet / 6m should be ok.  Sometimes camping can be crowded, so we will put bigger vans further back from our main campfire site.  Camper trailers are no problem.  Tents are great!

What to pack?:

All your camping gear - bedding, tent, etc.  

Warm clothes that will keep your back covered at night by the camp fire.  DryzaBone or Jackets are handy.  Good walking boots.

Mask, snorkel, wetsuit, torch.

4WD if you have one - or let me know if you wish to car pool from the base camp.

UHF radios - even a hand held one, are great for convoy travel.  If you have a few hand held units bring a spare for another vehicle.

Winches are handy but not essential for this trip.  Even a hand turfor can help if you get snagged.  Shovel handy but not essential - we will have a few.

Note that these tracks are moderate to difficult grade depending on weather conditions.  We can take some alternative tracks if conditions are poor.  

For the brave of heart there are some tracks of extreme difficulty just behind the camp ground (these are the best ones for our firewood collecting!)  But purely optional.


I love this trip and Im really looking foward to sharing this weekend away as a variation on our usual water activities.  Give me a call or email me if you have any concerns.

Andrew McKernan

0418 126 164