2024 Options

This year we have tried to keep things as close to normal as possible

to keep everyone rolling  at last years prices.


.. sorry this is a brief overview, please contact the Club for more details ..

.. we can help you decide which Membership will best suit you ..

FULL CLUB Members can then enjoy discounted session prices

.. (instead of $15 entry it will be $10) ..

.. this applies to our Club Cru Sessions Tuesday and Wednesday nights... 6:30pm  All Ages & 7:30pm Adults Only sessions.. (not Learn To Skate

.. as well as being able to take advantage of the discounts

by purchasing our Membership Loyalty Cards ..

.. these are $90 and give you 10 sessions ..

.. that brings it down to $9 a session .. no catch..!!

A bonus is that a family may SHARE one loyalty card..

 .. instead of having to purchase 3 or 4 loyalty cards for the one activity ..

.. we try to make this as affordable to everyone as possible ..!!


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