&  what sessions our club will be offering this year.



πŸ›Ό .. with 3 types ..πŸ›Ό.. over 3 nights .. πŸ›Ό


🟑 .. LEARN TO SKATE .. 🟑

(Junior based lessons, with levelled skill training, 3-5 coaches)

**  Bookings Are Essential  **


➑️ #1 .. Tues 5pm .. MIXED levels

➑️ #2 .. Weds 5pm .. MIXED levels

➑️ #3 .. Fri 4pm .. BEGINNERS > Intermediate

➑️ #4 .. Fri 5pm .. ADVANCED > Intermediate

(these are a guidline to our sessions, the levels and numbers may flucuate from time to time, dependant on the skaters and their individual needs) 


! Our Learn to skate sessions will usually book out fast for each term, its always best to contact us for assistance, in which sessions are best suited for you or your skater !

.. even if we are fully booked, we encourage you to please register your interest still ..

.. as vacancies may arise throughout the terms for various reasons .. 

 ... . ... . ... . ... . ... . ... . ... . ... . ... . ... . ... . ... . ...

We also have our usual **CLUB sessions

🟠 .. CLUB ALL AGES .. 🟠

πŸ”ΈοΈ .. Tues & Weds @ 6:30 pm .. πŸ”ΈοΈ

πŸ”΄ .. ADULTS ONLY .. πŸ”΄

πŸ’’ .. Tues & Weds @ 7:30 pm ..πŸ’’

** CLUB SESSIONS are casual & don't require bookings

(Flexible family & adult based sessions with instructors available to help with your learning journey, basics & beyond)

These are a great session to get rolling, whatever your abilities, and whatever your journey. We can have a roll, have a chat, and discuss your many options to roll indoors & outdoors .. as well as concentrating on particular disciplines like speed, Derby, hockey, artistic ...

..we encourage smiles & confidence before any tricky stuff.. πŸ’›

You are always able to roll at a pace that you feel comfortable with & there is never any pressure to do things you may not be ready to try 😊

It really is the best way to finding a healthier happier you.. πŸ˜€

we work up a sweat without even realising.. 😊

catering for everyone all in the same safe & welcoming environment.. πŸ’œ

it doesnt matter if you are fresh on wheels, a seasoned skater, or returning after decades... πŸ’š

we have something for everyone.. 😁

great atmosphere .. great people.. great fun..!!πŸ₯°


Be assured you are getting the correct knowledge for a safe and enjoyable progression through your rollerskating experience.. young and old.. our coaches have NATIONAL ACCREDITATIONS, TRAINING & CLEARANCES... 🀩


.. sadly there is way too much mis-information out there that can cause injury & disappointment.. πŸ˜” .. just because someone looks like they know how to skate, doesn't mean they know the correct ways to teach individuals ..we will gladly guide you to the right places/people for extra skills practice outside of our Club.. 😊


If you are after somewhere to check off your Tik Tok list of tricks... we will definitely help you, after you have a solid foundation of the fundamental skills πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ƒ


Skate hire available, inlines welcome

πŸ›Ό please contact page for more info πŸ›Ό


Please remember we are a CLUB.. not a BUSINESS.. we juggle work and family, whilst delivering these programs to our community.. if you need to contact us, we will reply as promptly as possible. 😁😊


ℹ️ check comments & page for current updates


..skate hire is available (quads).. inlines are welcome πŸ™‚

please contact page for more info πŸ˜ƒ


Come on down and Roll your way to a better you..!! πŸ’―πŸ€©β—πŸŽΆ

Ingle Farm Recreation Centre


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.. hope to roll with you all soon ..


All of our sessions will cater for beginners

.. and seasoned skaters alike ..

and we will gladly help you LEARN TO SKATE



Our Nationally Accredited Coaches are qualified & confidently knowledged

in the Approved Skate Skills Developement Programs

that will assist Skaters of all ages, gain the fundamental steps needed

to become strong & confident skaters in a safe & welcoming environment ..


Our CLUB SESSIONS give skaters the freedom

.. to learn at their own pace ..

 .. our coaches are there to help you

with every roll of your skating journey ..

.. yet you always have control

of when and how you learn any of the skills ..

.. there is never any pressure

 to challenge the things you are not comfortable with ..

..we understand that everyone learns differently ..

.. and everyone needs the opportunity

to find their own skating style ..

.. just because its fun for one skater

doesn't mean its fun for all ..


Our sessions currently have approximately 10-30 skaters at any given session

.. we tackle the basics and beyond ..

whilst covering speed.. endurance..

 skills.. dance..  style.. and stance..!! 


we roll smoothly on a single indoor basketball court

*most skaters roll comfortably with 90A - 96A wheels

**softer outdoor wheels are ok, just a slower roll



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