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As many of you may already be aware, we have been running the Learn to Skate sessions at Ingle Farm Recreation Centre for over 10 years. We have always provided the coaches, lesson programs, knowledge, and experience. Up until mid-last year, this was done in conjunction with the previous managements over the years, where the venue staff did ALL the Administration duties (registrations, communications, pricing, payments, etc).

New venue management came in July 2023, BlueFit, which meant some programs were likely to be altered. Instead of letting our program close altogether, or taking it over themselves, which would also run the risk of the program ending, they offered us the wonderful opportunity to continue, with the Club taking the program on in its entirety.

This has proven to be a very successful transition with our Club now handling everything to do with the Learn to Skate Program. We have managed to grow from strength to strength with the humbling support of many of our skate families who have continued with us through these new challenges, as well as the knowing that BlueFit is beside us with our desire to continue growing our programs amongst the community.

We quickly found ourselves with our sessions fully booked for the terms, with the need for waiting lists. Being a club that consists of a strong passionate volunteer base, we hope to continue in this capacity for many years to come.

we are happy to say that we will be again able to offer 4 sessions per week, dedicated to juniors.

where your avid little rollers can touch the sport for the first time, or continue to advance their skills in a safe and welcoming environment ..

  no teams, no comps, no strict levels, no lists to tick.

 just our always inclusive, flexible, unique rollerskating sessions with our very own amazing coaches. 

we have been proudly supporting our rather diverse and unique community here for over 10 years.

we haven't come across any little quirks or hurdles we can't cater for yet ..

we are passionate about supporting everyone that wishes to roll with us.

if you have any special needs or concerns, please reach out for a chat. 

Session Information

* Bookings Required (to maintain numbers and the best experience for all)

** Tuesdays ..  5:00 pm - 5:45 pm .. Mixed levels 

** Wednesdays .. 5:00 pm - 5:45 pm .. Mixed levels

** Fridays .. 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm .. Beginners & Intermediate 

** Fridays  5:00 pm - 5:45 pm .. Advanced & Intermediate

** These Learn To Skate Sessions will only run throughout the school terms. 

*** We are approved SCHOOL SPORTS VOUCHER suppliers (click the link for more information on how to use a voucher)

**** Booking information & links to come shortly

if you've been rolling with us recently (2023, Term 3 or 4), and would like to continue, please contact us or visit us in person to discuss your skater's spot.


Fee Changes From Previous Years. 

As mentioned, the Centre has undergone recent Management changes

which saw our Club take over the LEARN  TO  SKATE  PROGRAM

so that we could keep our amazing little skaters rolling.

As discussed, the fees would need to be increased moving forward to continue to offer the quality program that many families have come to expect.

This is due to a few things...

  • Council & Management will no longer be funding this program...
  • the cost of living in every factor has risen considerably...
  • Court & Skate Hire costs...
  • Equipment & Coaches’ costs...


as well as the amount of extra time & effort

Our club & its Coaches need to be placed in this program

so that our Skaters & their Families continue

to have a wonderful experience here with us ..

where we offer a rather unique, flexible, diverse & inclusive

learning experience for our community.


The fees have risen from what families will see,

yet the Club will still be absorbing multiple costs

to keep this program rolling the way you have all come to enjoy.


& has many Insurance & Administration fees

that are above previous Centre & council-run programs.


We are now also able to offer the use of the SA GOVERNMENTS SPORTS  VOUCHERS

& have tried to factor this in with families that can & can’t utilize them,

as well as families with multiple children.



Term Bookings Prices will now be based on

  • $120 for the term .. to secure your spot

  • $10 skate hire (term)

  • $15 casual visit (**upon availability)

**Please be aware that casual visits are subject to capacity and most times cannot be confirmed until the day of the sessions, sometimes only hours beforehand, be sure to confirm before rocking up to sessions to avoid disappointment) 


.. please follow this link to register your interest in the program

or email us at  skatefitcru@gmail.com 



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