Sailing Clubs

There are clubs throughout the Sydney area, and beyond, actively sailing the Manly Juniors in their club racing & training programs. The MJ continues to be recognised as one of the strongest classes for developing youth sailing skills.



Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club

With the largest Manly Junior fleet in Australia, Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club uses the MJ as an introductory racing class as part of their pathway from learning to sail to racing skiffs. The Manly 16's sailing program is designed to support sailors in their desire to learn, have fun, and experience competitive racing in a welcoming club. The 'Skiffies' fraternity provides a welcoming atmosphere for all involved. The next stage in the pathway after Manly Junior's is Flying 11s, and then onto 13ft & 16ft Skiffs. 



Port Kembla Sailing Club

Port Kembla Sailing Club has had a strong presence in the Manly Junior fleet in recent years. Not only is the clubs success showcased by their members winning state and national titles in multiple classes, but also their passion for enjoying the sport and having a great time while sailing. Located at the northern end of Lake Illawarra, PKSC has hosted many Manly Junior state and national regattas and their events are always considered to be a highlight of the annual sailing program for the class. 



Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Sailing Club

Hornsby Sailing is an active sailing club located in Dead Horse Bay, near Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury river. With junior sail training dating back to 1968, the club is a driving force behind the Manly Junior class and the NSW association. As well as the Manly Junior, the club racing classes include the Flying 11, 125, Cherub, and VS 15ft Skiff Class. The club pride themselves on being a family orientated volunteer club. 



Bayview Yacht Racing Association - BYRA

The Bayview Yacht Racing Association, more commonly known as 'BYRA' has had a long history with Manly Junior Sailing. Although in recent years there hasn't been an active MJ fleet, there is now an upcoming group of Junior families that have refreshed the clubs youth program and re-introduced the MJ to the club sailing fleet. BYRA has a strong focus on skills development and offer learn to sail programs, Junior sailing on Sunday mornings, introduction to racing, race training and other support as requested. With some of the best water access and sailing conditions in Sydney, their welcoming environment caters for just about everyone.



Middle Harbour 16ft Skiff Club

Founded in 1902 at the Spit, the skiff club is the longest established sporting club in Mosman. As the name suggests, the pinnacle of the Club’s sailing fleet is the 16 footer, a fast and exciting racing skiff with a crew of three. The path to sailing 16’s starts with the Club‘s committed to the development of junior sailors. MH16’s is actively recruiting juniors to enjoy regular sailing at the Club. The Club’s Junior Program provides support to junior sailors from their very first “sit in a boat” all the way through to launching into the world of high-performance senior sailing.



Balmoral Sailing Club

Balmoral Sailing Club has been another recent club to sailing the Manly Junior as their doublehanded youth sail training boat. Balmoral SC is a family club with multiple classes racing each weekend, and a developing junior training program with the assistance of Balmoral Water Sports. 



Tweed Valley Sailing Club

Tweed Valley sailing club (TVSC) was formed in 2011 and continues to grow by our enthusiastic members spreading the word about the return of sailing to the Tweed River.The sailing club operates out of a storage container and the rigging area is by Fingal boat ramp, though we continue to pursue Crown Land for a proper clubhouse in the future.

Racing at the club has predominantly been in corsairs, impulse, lasers, ns14s and various multihulls, with flying ants, a 470, X3s and now MJ's making an appearance also. With the club recently purchasing 6 more MJ's we currently have 9 and our sights are set on building a junior racing team.




Avalon Sailing Club

ASC is a family oriented sailing club, sited at Clareville, on Pittwater, part of Sydney's Northern Beaches area. Founded in 1938, with the clubhouse built in 1958 the Club has a proud history offering a small, friendly environment for people of all ages and sailing interests. The Club promotes all aspects of sailing - racing, cruising and just have fun in boats. The Centreboard division includes training and racing, the predominant classes being Manly Junior, Open BIC, Flying 11, Spiral, and Laser. Children around the age of 7~8 often start in the "learn to sail blue" group before progressing to Red & Gold.



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