The Manly Junior is one of Australia's most renowned youth sail training and racing sailboats. The first 'MJ' was launched in 1959, by designer Ralph Tobias, in the waters of North Harbour (Manly, NSW).

The boat was designed with the potential to plane and enough buoyancy for a crew of two. The boat carries a mainsail, headsail (jib), and a 'symmetrical' spinnaker. The purpose of its iconic bow shape was to ensure that the boats could be stored inside the old Manly 14' Sailing Club boatshed. 

Since 1959 the Manly Junior has developed world-class sailors, with many going on to success in the Olympics, Americas Cup and various World Championships. Most importantly, the Manly Junior provides sailing clubs with a well-founded craft to introduce the next generation of sailors to our sport. 

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The First Manly Junior!

This is a photo of the first Manly Junior taken on the day of its launch in Sept 1959.

"I picked up a boy off the beach and that is me (at 12 stone then) skippering. Pretty good plane with all that weight!" 

- Ralph Tobias, Manly Junior Designer


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How the MJ Started


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