Host Family


Hosting participants is a unique part of Maccabi Carnival and contributes greatly to the overall experience of every participant. Hosting particpants helps kids to make new friends and get to know other kids from different states. It is a valuable and positive part of the Carnival experience from which lifelong friends have been and continue to be made.

Our main priority is the safety of all children involved in Carnival.

Maccabi’s Host Family policy is based on a fair and reasonable approach to accommodate all parties, children and parents from both visiting states as well as the host state.


Frequently Asked Questions

How are children allocated to Host Family homes?
Host Family allocations are based on many factors including gender, age, sporting choices, religious observance (kashrut / shabbat) and dietary needs. As much as possible, we will match these factors.

Can I arrange my own Host Family?
Yes. Participants can pre-arrange host famalies. To arrange your own host family, both the visiting participant and the host must advise this either on the registration form or through their State Team Manager. Should both participants not select one another, the arrangement may not be guaranteed.

Can an interstate child stay with family/friends who are not a participant of Carnival?
Staying with a host family is a unique part of the Carnival experience and it is strongly encouraged and expected that participants stay with a host carnival family for the week. Extenuating circumstances will be considered. If approved, Carnival participants are expected to attend all sport and social activities, and it is the responsibility of the family they are staying with to provide transport, meals, etc. 

How do I know my child will be in a safe environment?
Every adult over the age of 18 years of age in a host household will be required to submit a valid Working With Children Check (WWC) prior to Carnival. For host households, a parent must be home during the entirety of Carnival to allow a visiting participant to be placed in that home. The reality is that host parents will treat their interstate visitors like one of their own children during Carnival and will care and provide for them as appropriate.

What if my child has specific medical requirements?
For Maccabi to be able to care adequately for every child, we must be made aware of EVERY potential medical factor. Every parent will be required to complete a form to advise any/all relevant details prior to Carnival. Maccabi will take appropriate actions to make sure any medical requirements are catered for by host families, Carnival management and medical staff.

How will my child be accommodated if they have special dietary requirements?
All special dietary needs will be considered as a factor in finding the appropriate host household. For example, a child who has allergies will be matched with a host who can provide for those needs.

When will I be notified of where my child is staying?
Registrations close at the end of November and it will take some time to manage all the allocations. Host state households will receive confirmation of their visiting particpant prior to the commencement of Carnival. 
Contact details of your child’s host family (for all participants) will also be shared prior to the commencement of Carnival.

Can I get in contact with my child’s visiting participant or host family?
Yes, you are encouraged to connect with your corresponding billet family. These details will be received prior to the commencement of Carnival.

Who do I contact during Carnival if I have any concerns?
Your first point of contact is your State Team Managers. These details are listed below. If any child has any issues during Carnival, they should approach their State Team Managers.

Can a child change host families during Carnival?
Our policy is that no particpant will be moved in the first 48 hours of Carnival. Should you feel there is an extenuating circumstance, your first point of contact is your State Team Manager. 
Of course, any situation that arises at any time where a child is unsafe or feels threatened is one we will take very seriously and will act upon immediately.

How much time do the kids spend at home during Carnival?
Carnival is a busy week of activities and the reality is that the children won’t spend much time at home. There are activities planned for every day & night, with the exception being on Saturday/Shabbat, which is a free/rest day.

How will my child get to their activities each day?
The host family has the responsibility of transporting their visiting participant along with their own child and is responsible for that child throughout the week outside of Carnival activities.

Will my child eat at the host’s home?
The host family will provide meals throughout the week for their visiting participant. Maccabi will provide lunch on most days as well as a couple of dinners (where we have activities that run through those meal times) – specific directives for provisions will be provided pre-Carnival.

Will the event be COVID safe?
Yes, all activities during Carnival will be Covid safe, adhering to all Western Australian Health guidelines & Safety policies. All activities are planned with sign-off from council or other governing bodies for facilities being used. There are numerous other Covid safety procedures  that will be in places based on advice from health authorities. Hand sanitiser will be provided at all events.


Maccabi’s highest priority is the safety of all participants. All decisions are guided by safety considerations and these policies are in place to give everyone the best possible Carnival experience.