Youth Leaders


Maccabi Australia is recruiting youth leaders for Junior Carnival in January 2025. Junior Carnival is a 7 day sports and social event that will keep  kids active, healthy and connected over the holidays.

CLICK HERE for the Youth Leader Position Description


Why become a Youth Leader?

  • Fun and social
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Maccabi Proud
  • Be wonderful mentors
  • Social - meet youth leaders from other states
  • Great experience
  • Work as part of a Team
  • Give back to our community
  • Create amazing Maccabi memories for participants

What does the role involve?

  • Actively encouraging the participants to have a great time and particpate in all events
  • Ensuring participants follow the rules and are well behaved
  • Overseeing the safety and security of all participants
  • Working in a team to achieve the best outcome for all participants
  • Working with team and Carnival management to ensure the smooth running and execution of all activities
  • Being actively involved in pre-Carnival marketing and administration
  • Attending any training sessions

What qualifications do you need?

  • Enthusiastic outlook
  • Ability to participate in a team
  • Strong work ethic
  • Comfortable working with teens
  • Confident swimmer
  • Commitment to creating a child-safe and child-friendly environment
  • Must hold a current Working With Children Check (WWCC)
  • You must be ages between 18-25 years old


Please APPLY HERE and for further information contact your state

NSW:  Taryn Levin -


VIC:  Shari Cohen - 

WA: Marc Havas and Simone Hesse -