Social Media Policy


Social Media Policy

Created: January 2021

Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 22 January 2021

Reviewed: 22 October 2022


Karilee recognises that many of our families, participants and coaches use various forms of online social media that allows us to easily publish, share and communicate ideas and information. It is important however to acknowledge the public and potentially permanent nature of these online interactions, and recognise that the indirect form and anonymity of online communication may sometimes lead to inappropriate acts of harassment, including cyber bullying.

These guidelines are in place to minimize the risk of social media engagement harming you, Karilee Calisthenics, Calisthenics ACT, all participants and their families.

Think About Yourself and Your Friends…

  • consider what I say before I say it – it may be on the web for a long time and could reach a very large audience;
  • be polite, respectful and use appropriate language;
  • take full responsibility for the effect that my actions and words may have on others;
  • do not post information about yourself or another member of the calisthenics community that is private or personal; this includes but is not limited to passwords, phone numbers and addresses;
  • do not upload, post or forward on information, pictures, films or web links that contain inappropriate or hurtful material about members of the calisthenics community;
  • do not pretend to be another person and post or upload in someone else’s name. This includes but is not limited to creating false or fake accounts; and
  • do not use other people’s devices (e.g. phones, laptops or tablets) without their permission.

Think About Karilee…

  • use extreme care when posting information online that identifies myself as a Karilee person; being mindful to not post any information that reflects adversely on Karilee or any members of the Karilee calisthenics community; and
  • not send or post information that could damage Karilee's image or reputation.

Think About our Society…

  • be mindful of the type of fan-pages, groups and networks I sign up to;
  • refrain from signing up to gossip/fan pages that are hateful, racist, obscene, hurtful or contain material that is inappropriate;
  • be aware of the legal, social and civic implications of your online behaviour.

Failure to abide by this code of conduct may result in consequences up to and including cancellation of Calisthenics ACT registration and or legal action.

CALISTHENICS ACT Social Media Code of Conduct document can be viewed at

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