Code of Conduct



Code of Conduct

Created: January 2021

Version: 1.1

Last Updated: December 2023

At Karilee, we are committed to making participation in calisthenics as much fun as possible for everyone. We believe that participation fosters social, emotional, personal and physical development in our team members. In supporting this endeavour, we have expectations that our participants and their families understand and follow the below Code of Conduct.

Families Code of Conduct – My Girl, My Club, Myself

For my girl I/we will:

  • remember that my girl participates in calisthenics for her enjoyment, not mine;
  • let her learn from her mistakes and encourage her practice and participation;
  • focus on her and her team’s performance, not the final result;
  • never ridicule her or any other dancer for making a mistake;
  • do my best to reassure and encourage her;
  • always accept decisions of an Adjudicator, Calisthenics ACT or Club Official; and
  •  teach my girl to also accept these decisions.

For my club I/we will:

  • pay the relevant fees when due or over the course of the year using an agreed payment plan;
  • volunteer for a minimum of 4 hours per registered participant over the course of the year to assist with essential activities such as fundraising, competition duties, providing food for the canteen / comps, sewing, decorating costumes etc. offer my skills to support our club (e.g. sewing, accounting, fundraising etc); and
  • do my best to contribute towards the running of the club by assisting in a role to match my skill set, for example accounting, administration, marketing.

For myself I/we will:

  • always display control, respect and professionalism to all involved with calisthenics, competitors, coaches, officials, administrators, parents and other spectators;
  • encourage my daughter to do the same;
  • let the coach do the coaching;
  • refrain from any form of harassment towards, or discrimination of others; and
  • support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from calisthenics.

Participants Code of Conduct - My Team, My Sport, Myself
(Please ensure you read through this section with your daughter)

My team

  • I have joined Karilee to play a team sport, to learn challenging new skills and to make new friends. 
  • I will participate whole-heartedly, and respect and treat members of my team and other clubs courteously, just the way I would like to be treated. 

My Sport

  • I will always demonstrate good sporting behaviour, control my temper and never succumb to physical violence. 
  • I will never use offensive language, abuse equipment or deliberately provoke or foul a member of my team or another club. 
  • I will never argue with an Adjudicator, Cali-ACT or Club Official, and will go through the appropriate channels if the need arises. 


  • I will always behave well whenever I'm representing Karilee.  
  • While wearing Karilee Club uniform/tracksuit, or while engaged in competitions with a group of other Karilee members, I will remember that younger dancers will be looking to me as a mentor and a role model and act accordingly. 
  • I will always be at training or competition on time and in the correct uniform.

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