Impulse 536 - QLD

'Turbo' (536 and ex Carmila Creek) for sale in Queensland.

This was my mid life crisis purchase. After sailing a lot as a teenager, I itched to get back into a dinghy. The Impulse was praised as a powerful single hander with a large group of boats racing. Perfect. That's what I was chasing.

Feel free to skip through to boat specs below. This next bit is just me rambling on a bit about boats.

The challenge was juggling sailing while keeping up with a young family. Solution. Get them into sailing. So three kids ended up at the local Tackers 1 course in their next holidays. The sun was out. The wind was decent. And they had a good time. But....they also have a good time skateboarding, boogie boarding, fishing, playing soccer, dancing and maybe a bit of screens as well. In this fast paced jungle we live in sailing struggled to compete with this smorgasbord of dopamine.

I also made the cardinal mistake. I pushed. Like the laws of physics, they pushed back. I assumed they'd enjoy sailing as much as i did. Instead they found joy in play, scooters, drawings and Mario Kart.

They certainly weren't against sailing. They just had plenty of choices.

I came to realise that's okay. I wanted to get back into sailing. Not them.

While all this was going on... I was also giving Carmila Creek a make over. My Dad built or owned boats before I came along and while I was growing up. A S&S in the 70s. A Farrier 720 in the 80s. Another in the 90s (an F31 built by Ostac). And another Farrier F22 in the naughties (built in the backyard).  Anyway, I felt I could take this boat back to bare timber as a little garage project.

So I got to work.

As always, a little project became a big project quite quickly. But I an enjoyable project just the same.

I was happy with the end result. Norglass clear coat and white for the topsides and hull respectively.

The family voted she would be called 'Turbo'.  

I took Turbo out a few times and it sailed well. It's not a new boat. But it's a solid timber Impulse ready for another a few years of competitive sailing.

Unfortunately it won't be me doing the sailing. With the busyness of family life the boat hasn't been wetted enough. I've also had a back issue pop up which on these powerful boats is not helpful.

So it's with a touch of sadness Turbo is on the market. It's a fine little boat. It'll suit someone getting into the class looking for a taste of fast reaches, nail-biting gybes and character building upwind battles.

In the limited racing I did in the boat, it was competitive. It certainly does not have the newest spars or sails, but with good boat handling and smart decisions it'll get you around the track near the front.

Here are Turbo's specs:

-One of two timber boats built in Brisbane by Marcus Randall. I bought from him.
-Barracuda sail, older hood sail
-Aluminium spars
-Ronstan hardware.
-Timber beach trolley (does need a little TLC)
-Trailer registered until December 2024.

Get in touch to find out more. Jack 0410821808

Price $3,200