Impulse 267 - VIC

Impulse 267 "Aeolus"
Plywood boat, formerly known as "Kenametal". I stopped sailing it about 5 years ago when I purchased another boat and probably for sentimental reasons didn't sell it.
I purchased it from Paul Farrell who sailed it with some success in competition. I would describe it as a good solid boat, probably not minimum weight, that will suit someone new to sailing or new to the class. It is quite a forgiving boat.
GTS mark 1 mast, no stiffener. One Hooper and one Barracouda sail. Have a spare Jim Scott rudder which has barely been used and is in great condition.
Aluminium beach trolly with large rubber tyres..
Boat stored at Albert Sailing Club.
Price $2,200.00.
Call John Whelan 0414 251 669 or email