Step 1/9: Let's get started
Step 1/9: Let's get started


If you have been a member of any club across Australia in the past few years, your details (including Australian Sailing Number) should be in our system. If you don't know your Australian Sailing Number, you can look it up here: AS Number Finder

The website registration process allows sailors to manage their own Australian Sailing (AS) membership. When you register on the site it is the same as submitting a membership form. Once payment has been made and approved against your login then you are a active member of the Impulse Association. 


If you are a returning member please pay against the issued invoice. if you have not received a invoice please contact and we will reissue you a invoice to pay against. No need to re-enter your information.

If you are a new memeber continue below....

When you click on the new member button you need to enter your current Australian Sailing ID number, Use the AS Number Finder to search for your number. 

If you do not then you will have multiple AS numbers and your club membership will not be linked to your class membership. 

If the system can not find your record please email us at and we will need to manually ask Australian Sailing to update their records. Most memberships do not have a valid date of birth so please include this in your request. Name - AS Number - DOB.

Or of course you can download the membership form at the bottom of the page, email or post it in and will will enter your details for you.

If you pay for your membership via direct deposit please be aware it may take a few weeks for our vollunteers to reconsile the account and update the membership databse. 

Any questions please let us know

*** Please do not select Life Member or Student unless you qualify for this type ***

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