When is the first day of training?

Core program dates: 26 June – 17 September 2023

Meeting time and location for the first day will be communicated soon. Please be early as new groups take some time to organise. 

As far as preparing your children, please make sure your children have:

  1. Appropriate ski helmet correctly fitted, hard ear preferable.
  2. Correctly fitted boots, skis and poles for age and ability. Skis and boards to be well maintained with good edges. Boots should be the correct size, not a size too big. If in doubt see a reputable boot fitter.
  3. Warm gloves, face protection, thermals, sunscreen.
  4. Snack in pocket, not lollies or junk food.
  5. A phone (if your child has one).
  6. Falls Creek Race Club jacket.


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