Falls Creek Race Club History

Falls Creek Race Club History

The Falls Creek Race Club has been operating for over forty years. The club was started in the late 60’s by Rodney Moss assisted by Bob Howe from Albury Ski Club and Geoff Henke from Moloney’s. Sigi Haberzettl, the Ski School Director of the time, was also very helpful. The club ran races on the summit every weekend and a few years later started the training squad.

Its aim is to promote all the skills of skiing and snowboarding and to improve the safety and enjoyment of the sport for all age groups. As an athlete’s skills improve so they can begin to train and race at Children’s level races and move on to Junior and Senior levels, possibly aspiring to the Masters Circuit or State and National Teams.

Hundreds of children have been involved over the past four decades and the program has produced a number of skiers who have been successful at national and internationallevels. Most importantly, the children involved in the program have made new friends, improved their skiing skills, and learned to enjoy and respect our mountain environment.

Falls Creek has produced Olympians Ross and Malcolm Milne, Joanne Henke, Jenny Altermatt, Steven Lee in Alpine skiing. Dick Walpole and Chris Heberle in Cross Country skiing. Britteny Cox, Paul and Adrian Costa in Freestyle Moguls.

Many others have represented in National Teams including Michael Andrew Clarke (World Junior Mogul Champion), Tom Costa, Lisa Spargo, Megan and Tim Scott.

Several of our more recent members have represented at Topolino, which is a Children’s World Championship – Alec Scott, James Morrison, Rebecca Morrison, Leah Howman, Patrick and Stephanie Auderer, George Ellis, Zoe Scott & Robbie Morrison.

The Falls Creek Race Club is a member of Skiing & Snowboarding Australia (SSA). The Club is registered under the Societies Act and is a not-for-profit youth development organization.


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