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MiniRoos - Community Teams

The MiniRoos competition includes all boys and girls aged 6-11 years. 

Under 6 & 7 boys and girls play in a team of approx 12 players, fielding 2 teams of 4 (no goalkeeper).

Under 8 & 9 boys and girls play in a team of approx 11 players, fielding 7 players (including a goalkeeper).

Under 10 & 11 boys and girls play in a team of approx 13 players, fielding 9 players (Including a goalkeeper).


For more information regarding the MiniRoos competitions: 

Miniroos Regulations

NSFA Website

Miniroos Playing Formats and Rules


General Information

The Miniroos competition typically begins on the first Saturday in April, NSFA will confirm closer to the start of the season.

Under 6 and Under 7 are placed into teams based on friend requests and school, however, not all requests will able to be accommodated, but we will do our best.

Starting at under 8 the children are required to attend a grading day and will be placed into teams based on ability. 

Grading day will be held during February, venue will be communicated via social media and email. 

All MiniRoos teams will need a parent coach and a parent manager. Please contact the club once the teams have been announced if you would like to volunteer for either of these roles. The manager is required to enter in-game day results and help with the administration side of the team. The coach is responsible for training the team and coaching on a Saturday. Every second training session will have a Kano coach leading the session and helping with skill acquisition.  All coaches and managers are required to have a current Working With Children Check which will be checked before the season begins. 

Parents are asked to help referee the games on a Saturday (Particularly with the 6/7’s) this helps take the weight off the coach and allows them to guide the team. Please make yourself aware of the rules and game format, in the hope that you can help referee and be able to answer any questions the kids have regarding the game.

MiniRoos game leader introductions: The club will host Game Leader courses in 2024, these will be communicated via social media and email once confirmed.

If you have any questions relating to the MiniRoos please contact - 


Where is my team playing?

To find out where and when your team is playing each week, you have 2 options:

  • Go to the NSFA Fixtures page & make sure you choose Home & Away as the competition, select the league eg U10, and correct Division and then filter by Berowra FC & Round number.
  • Use the DRIBL App

If you are new to football and do not know the ground location, you can go to the NSFA Find a Ground page.


Wet Weather

  • Wet weather information will be communicated as efficiently as possible.
  • Games are on unless the ground has been officially closed.
  • All parents have the responsibility to check the Wet Weather Page, however, it's also the manager's responsibility to pass on any updates.


MiniRoos Parent Roles & Game Day Duties

Game Leader (Referee)

The Game leader's role is to facilitate the weekend games, ensuring all players stay true to the rules of the game, and that everyone is included and having fun. 

Each game is to be controlled by one Game Leader. The main role of the Game Leader is to keep the game moving fluently, limit stoppages, and assist players with all match restarts. Most importantly, they must make every effort to create an environment that ensures that all players have fun, are learning the game, and have maximum involvement.

  • Keep the game fair
  • Rotate the role amongst parents.
  • Encourage all children to have fun and different children to take re-starts.
  • Check all players are wearing shin guards.
  • Ensure team officials and parents create a safe, enjoyable, and positive playing environment for the children.
  • Let the game flow and give instruction to all players on the run where you can.
  • Encourage children to be involved in all aspects of the game, attacking and defending.
  • Praise and encourage both teams; and • Be enthusiastic and approachable.


MiniRoos Manager - Roles & Responsibilities


  • Look after the management of the team and the welfare of the players in your care.
  • Make sure all off-field matters are dealt with, and ensure an enjoyable season for all involved.
  • Work closely with the coach to provide support in regard to liaising with parents.
  • Working closely with the MiniRoos Coordinator to ensure all club communications are passed on.
  • Act as the link between the club and the team.


  • Liaise with all team members, parents, coaches, and officials to ensure all are informed of training, competition, and club functions so they arrive at the correct location and time.
  • Communicate to the Age Coordinator and Club Admin if your team needs to forfeit a game.
  • Coordinate pick up and return of equipment as appropriate at the start/end of the season.
  • Confirm player availability and work with other managers & the Age Coordinator to find players to fill in from other teams when the team may be short of players.
  • Distribute all relevant club information to your team.  
  • Refer any unresolved problems to the MiniRoos Coordinator.

Requirements for Managers & Coaches:

  • Apply for your Working with Children


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