Reef Navigation

Reef Navigation

The lagoon in front of the Beaumaris Yacht Club affords safe and easy launching and retrieving of yachts. Unlike many other clubs on the Bay there are no waves or surf to contend with, as the lagoon is protected by a reef on its seaward side.

Most damage to yachts is in fact caused when launching and retrieving yachts on and off their beach trolleys (not the rocks). So sailors should take time to think about what they are going to do by looking at the wind direction and launching either north along the beach (northerly breeze) or in front of the Club (southerly breeze).

However, do not venture too far south of the Club inside the reef as it is very shallow and rocky.


Launch the yacht in the calm of the lagoon. Only put down enough centreboard and rudder (approximately 300 mm) to maintain control of the yacht and to minimise leeway.

Depending on wind direction:
Sail out between the two markers, which are directly opposite the Club, marking the narrow channel in the reef. 
Sail around the northern marker located approximately 150 metres north of the Club.

Once seaward of the reef, sail a further 75 metres or so then lower and lock rudders and centreboards.

Returning ashore

When returning to shore at around 75 metres from the reef unlock and raise centreboards and rudders. Make sure you still have control and have some centreboard and rudder (approximately 300 mm) in the water.

Think about the wind direction and which route you wish to take before you get to the reef area and either sail between the two markers directly off the Club or around the northern marker.

Make sure centreboards and rudders are unlocked when approaching the beach as once inside the lagoon it becomes shallow quickly. Simply turn yacht into the wind when you are close to the shore and stop.

The picture below shows the position of the reef and reef markers. The northern reefmarker can move due to storms, always check with your race management.