Training Resources

Training Resources

Rigging a Pacer

Below are two videos that demonstrate the rigging of a Pacer dinghy. Thanks to Mun Chin who made these to help his fellow sailors out!


Articles in "The Reef"

Our club magazine is full of sailing tips and tricks. If you missed past editions or can't remember when a particulary interesting article was published, the following list can help.

"Faster Sailing" series by Peter Sharp and Will Sharp

Height and Speed (The Reef Autumn 2015)

Shifting Gears on the race course (The Reef Spring 2014)

About the importance of spare parts (The Reef Autumn 2014)

Mark rounding - Wing mark and Leeward mark (The Reef Spring 2013)

Mark rounding - Weather mark (The Reef Autumn 2013)

Detecting wind changes (The Reef Spring 2012)

Smarter Starting (The Reef Autumn 2012)

One percenters (The Reef Spring 2011)

Turning (The Reef Autumn 2011)

Gybing with the spinnaker (The Reef Spring 2010)

Gybing (The Reef Autumn 2010)

Crew Positioning (The Reef Spring 2009)

The transition from training to racing

A leap of faith - From training to racing (The Reef Autumn 2013) by Paul Hardie

Bridging the Gap (The Reef Spring 2011) by Will Sharp

Other interesting topics 

Minimising clutter & Cams vs Clams (The Reef Autumn 2015) by Peter Kemp

In the Know - Ratchets (The Reef Spring 2014) by Peter Kemp

About the race scoring system (The Reef Spring 2011) by Mike Kenyon

If I missed an article you think should be included here, please let me know at