Yarra Ranges Athletics

Member Communication

As a volunteer lead organisation, we are always aware of the essential need to communicate with our members and supporters, but also to ensure that it doesn't place unreasonable burdens to our volunteer team.

These are the ways we communicate with our members:

E-mail: Intermittent, on topics that require lots of extra details. Often related to key events and activities. All new members are added to our newsletter mailing list.

Newsletter: A brief snapshot into the happenings around the club (currently in need of a new editor)

Social Media:

Facebook Page: Our public page sharing significant events and news to those who follow our club.

Facebook Private Group: The Clubhouse - where more intimate details, photos and information is shared, suitable for those who are closely connected to the club. All members and directly invovled supporters arre invited to join.

Instagram: Similar to the Facebook presence, aimed at sharing significant club news and events.


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