The West Coburg Redbacks Softball organisation is a family-friendly softball organisation that has teams for all ages.

We invest in our members by sponsoring certification for those who wish to develop as coaches, umpires, scorers and trained facilitators and in turn utilise these skills as volunteers to further promote softball by sharing their knowledge and the passion for softball in a fun and welcoming environment.  Our

We particularly take pride in our junior program of which we promote the following benefits:

Create Future Leadership for our youth, team sports allow children to win and lose alongside others while also learning to overcome obstacles as a group. Developing this team mentality helps children learn abilities that they will apply in business later in life, as well as social success.

Forming Successful Relationships is the most important lessons we teach our youth is that when you play softball and other team sports, learning how to build relationships with people you might not always get along with but be brought together by a shared experience.

Muscle development in softball is a game with so many physical benefits. Players can expect to see some positive changes throughout their bodies. While kids don't need to worry too much about building huge muscles, staying in shape can lay the groundwork for a healthy adulthood, and a lifelong love of sports.

Mental Health exercise releases endorphins, leaving the physically fit with lingering good vibes. But, playing sports offers good feelings that extend well beyond the physical. Playing with others gives players a sense of community and belonging and helps kids form positive memories.

Win or lose, the bonds created by playing a sport are really important in a child's development. Softball emphasises cooperation, compromise, and the chance to overcome a challenge with a group.

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05 Jul 2023
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