Age Categories

Age Categories for Membership


The Spiral Association has two categories for membership; Junior and Senior. When applying for membership the applicant  will need to select which category applies. The cost of each category will appear after the selection has been made.


To be eligible for Junior membership the applicant needs to be under 17 years of age prior to the First of September in the year the applicable season commences. 


All other applicants will be Seniors.


Age Categories for Association Events


The following age categories are generally applied to events run by the Association. In all cases the cut-off date is the First of September in the year the season commences. These Divisions were adjusted in July 2023 to try to make the division member numbers more evenly spread across the divisions.


Junior: under 17 


Senior: 17 through to under 45   ( Previously under 40 )


Master: 45 through to under 65.     ( Previously 40 through to under 55 )


Grand Master: 65 through to under 70   ( Previously 55 through to under 65 )


Great Grand Master: 70 and over   ( Previously 65 and over )

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