Training Sessions Details

What you need to know when attending one of our structured training sessions.


Whether you're returning to running, a seasoned runner, or somewhere in between, or simply seeking a community of like-minded individuals, you are welcome to join us.

Group training comes with various advantages, such as motivation, support, performance enhancement, safety, and a sense of community. Nobody understands a runner better than another runner.


Our Coaches

Our coaching team holds accreditations from Athletics Australia, coupled with personal running experiences. They generously volunteer their time at these sessions and are dedicated to assisting individuals in reaching their goals.  If you have a question about your training and goals, reach out to one of our coaches.


Personal belongings

We recommend leaving valuables at home.  In most cases, a member will have a car close by to leave items in, but this is not always guaranteed. 


Training structure

Training sessions are adaptable and may be modified to ensure the safety of all participants. For instance, when temperatures exceed 30 degrees, we might adjust the intensity and/or duration. In some cases, sessions may be canceled (refer Extreme Weather Policy).

A training session will usually cover 5-8km in distance and around 50 minutes in duration (inclusive of warm up/cool down) and utilise one or more of the following:

  • Warm up
  • Main Session
  • Cool down and stretches


All training sessions will include elements of speed and endurance and will involve the following training:

  • Hills
  • Fartlek (fast/slow, sometimes randomly called out and sometimes structured)
  • Intervals
  • Time or distance based


Location:  The Tan, The Pillars of Wisdom, Footscray Wharf

Members attending one of these sessions should be able to comfortably run 3-5km without stopping.  


Location:  Edinburgh Gardens - tailored to women

These sessions are a great entry point in to the running scene.  All levels of ability and fitness are welcome.  From the absolute beginner to the intermediate level runner.  


Injuries and personal safety

We take your safety very seriously. An injury will not necessarily prevent you from participating in a training session but it’s very important that you bring it to the attention of the coach, so that they can determine if it’s still safe to undertake the session or if adjustments can be made for you to suit your individual circumstance.


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