Weather Update

--Weather Updates--

This page will be updated on days when severe weather conditions may affect competition games. Please note that games will not necessarily be called off for rain, but could be called off if the conditions are extreme and make it unsafe to play.

The Competition Supervisor and/or referees will make the call as to whether or not games/free play will be called off.  We will evaluate how extreme the weather conditions are at the time when we need to make the call, i.e.

– Are the courts safe to play on?

– Is there thunder/lightning nearby?

– Does the strength of the wind make the courts unsafe to use?

– Is it hailing?

Lindfield Sports Centre use the 30/30 Lightning Rule. The Rule states that should you need to go to a ‘safe area’, due to the presence of lightning or severe weather a count of 30 minutes must be done before play on the courts can resume. This may result in some games being postponed or cancelled.

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