Updated Guidelines - 2024

1. Players must notify the referee if they do not have sufficient players (5) to make up their team and wish to borrow any substitute players.

2. Any substitute or fill-in players need to be registered within the LSC Comp for insurance purposes.

3. Players can only be registered in one single team and only play in one competition division, per age group, unless prior consent has been given by LSC 5-A-Side Admin.

4. Teams may only borrow players from a lower division eg. Division 1 borrows from Division 2.

5. Only registered players named on the team’s nomination form can play for the team, and any goals scored by a non-registered player will not count towards the team score and will be disallowed. 


On this page you can find the relevant documentation for:

  • Summer 2024 information
  • WLSRC court and venue hire information
  • Insurance Information
  • Player and Spectator Code of Conduct
  • Match Rules
  • Competition Rules, Disciplinary Rules and Refund Policy
  • Match Day Information Pack