Membership Q&A

Floorball Vic Membership Q&A


What are the costs?

Floorball Vic Membership Fees

Membership Type

12 Month Fee      

Senior (18+) $70
Junior (under 18) $40
Come & Try (4 week trial membership)       $10
Associate (non-playing) $1


What do I need to know when registering?

Save your username & password for future use. You will need this to renew your membership, and to access members-only content on our website (such as registration for certain activities).

There are several payment options available. After registering, you will be emailed an invoice. The invoice will have all the details about what is due and how you can pay.


How long does my membership last?

Membership will last 1 year (12 months) from the date you registered.


What is included in my membership?

You membership registers you with your chosen club, Floorball Vic, and Floorball Australia. Note: Pakenham Floorball Club members must register via the PFC portal

Your membership provides you with the right to participate in all Floorball Vic activities. However, it does not cover the cost of participation in these activities.

Your membership entitles you to nominate for Australian National Representative Teams.

Player injury insurance is provided as part of your membership.


When do I have to pay?

Payment is required within 2 weeks of your registration date, or late fees may apply. 


Where do my fees go?

Your fees goes to Floorball Victoria. Floorball Vic use this money to affiliate with Floorball Australia - thus providing you with player injury insurance and your club with liability insurance. Any profit from membership fees is used to cover the operational costs of Floorball Vic, to provide opportunities to members within the state, and to fund recruiting exercises.


Can I purchase a trial membership?

Yes, we offer a 4 week 'Come & Try' membership. This membership should be purchased before participating in any activities, and can be upgraded to a full membership after you decide to continue.

The Come & Try membership is only available to individuals who have never previously registered.


Who will have access to my data?

Your membership registers you with your chosen club, Floorball Vic, and Floorball Australia. The information you provide during registration will be visible to the administrative staff of all three bodies. You may view Floorball Australia's privacy policy for more information.

Where required, your contact details may be provided to the Vic Gov for contact tracing purposes.

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