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What do I need to play?


Choosing a stick

Which side?

  • Floorball sticks can be either left-handed or right-handed. You may use either side of your stick to play the ball, but the way you hold your stick & the side you shoot from will define which direction the blade needs to curve.
  • Australians tend to use right-handed sticks more frequently than the rest of the world, but left-handed sticks are becoming more common among Australia players.
  • Close your eyes & imagine you are holding a shovel. Are you holding it with your left hand lower, or your right hand lower? If you hold your shovel with your left hand lower, you should consider a left-handed stick, and vice versa.
  • Ideally, borrow a left & right handed stick and have a play, to really confirm which grip you are most comfortable with. Think about how you would swing your stick to shoot. If you shoot from your left, you will want a left-handed stick.

Stick length

  • When you place the stick in front of you, blade on the floor, the top of the stick should come to aprox one hand width higher than your belly button (1-2 inches).
  • The exact length you choose to play with is a matter of preference. A shorter stick will give you more control, while a longer stick will give you better reach.
  • The below graphic by Floorball Culture (WA-based Stiockist) provides a good guide to chosing your stick length.

Stick Flex

  • Floorball sticks also come in varying levels of stiffness/flex. The lower the number, the stiffer the stick (the less flex it has).
  • If you shoot hard, you should consider using a stiffer stick. Players with a lighter shot should consider a stick with more flex.
  • If you are unsure, you could try a stick with medium flex, or see what your chosen stockist recommends for beginners.


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