Return to Sport Updates

Return to Sport Updates for Participants

Floorball Victoria are committed to enabling floorball activities in 2021 where safe and possible, in accordance with government restrictions.

From 6pm Friday 29th October indoor community sports can resume for minimum numbers required, subject to venue density caps. This is exciting news, and we encourage everyone to remain vigilant in their habits & personal hygiene, to allow our return to play to be as safe as possible.

Masks will still be mandatory in all indoor settings, when not actively participating in sport. This means all participants should carry a mask with them, to be worn when entering/exiting the venue, or while generally not engaged in playing sport.



COVIDsafe plan

Click here for Floorball Victoria COVIDsafe plan



Return to Play Guidelines for Clubs

Floorball Victoria are working on resources for our affiliated clubs, to assist them with monitoring and complying with government regulations during their return to play period. More info to come.


Floorball Victoria directs all clubs to adhere to the following guidelines during the return to play period.

  1. Adopt a COVIDsafe plan (may apply the Floorball Vic COVIDsafe plan above).
  2. Understand capacity requirements for venues used
  3. Use their own electronic sign in to keep electronic attendance records, in addition to the State Gov QR code sign in
  4. Advise people to wear masks when not actively engaged in physical activity
  5. Keep spaces & equipment clean
  6. Understand fines & enforcement
  7. Assign a COVID check-in marshal for all events. A check in marshall ensures everyone entering the venue/event has completed the required sign in and pre-registration for attendance.
  8. Recommend all club officials (or as many as possible) complete the online COVID-19 infection control training
  9. Have a Covid-marshal present at all events, and some way to clearly identify them

For more info, visit the Vic Gov website

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