Our History

Our History                

Hockey on the Goldfields has had a strong history and continues to evolve today with a world class hockey facility for the enjoyment of participants & families.

Men’s Hockey only arrived in the Goldfields in 1932; although women had been playing the sport prior to that.  From that small beginning the competition quickly grew, until by World War 2, eight men’s teams and five women’s sides were competing regularly on Cruickshank Sports Arena.

Cruickshank’s Arena (men’s) along with Boxhall Park (women’s) the home of hockey until 1970’s. These grounds were gravel, and the lines were marked with lime.  The grassing of Cruickshank saw the men’s competition remain there for short time prior to moving Wallace Park, while the women moved on closure of Boxhall Park to Cruickshank Oval and remained until the building of artificial surface/stadium.

It was in this era that Goldfields produced two players who went on to represent Australia at Test and/or Olympic level – Terry Walsh and Brian Rourke. 

As with sporting Associations; over time Clubs come and go through mergers or closure.  Of the Clubs remaining today the oldest is Mines Hockey Club (Est. 1932) with other teams formed during the 1950’s – North Kalgoorlie-Wesley (1952), YM (1956); CBC (1958) and Pegasus (1975).

Following the amalgamation in 1989 of the Men’s and Women’s Associations along with the building the current Artificial Surface & Stadium, that today remains the headquarters of Goldfields Hockey.  This development saw the Goldfields at the forefront of artificial hockey surfaces, following their introduction into Australia in 1979.

The Men’s and Women’s hockey teams have had and continue to have strong representation at the State Country Championships (formerly known as Countryweek). In 1983 hockey saw the introduction of Junior State Country Championships that now has evolved to State Junior Club Championships with joining of Metropolitan Clubs with Regional Associations.

Currently the Association has Six Clubs participating in the Winter Field Hockey Competition, with teams at Junior and Senior level.

We welcome new members to the Goldfields Hockey Family and if you are new to town or the game, contact us today to provide you with options available.


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