About Hapkido

About Hapkido


Hapkido is a complete art of self-defence. A Hapkidoist is able to handle virtually any situation and is able to apply the self discipline and confidence derived from the study of Hapkido to enhance the quality of their life.

For effective self defence, a good Hapkidoist has the ability to adapt his or her fighting style according to their opponent’s strength or weaknesses. Every person’s body is shaped differently, flexibility varies and mind’s think differently. Hapkidoencompasses a broad range of Martial Art facets, giving every individual the opportunity to improve to their maximum ability and achieve a high level of fitness and good health.

Today, it is practised by students of all backgrounds, ages, genders and physiques. Hapkido can be applied from any position: standing, sitting or lying, and from any direction.

More importantly, Hapkido’s traditional values reinforce discipline, respect and self fulfilment in a friendly training environment.

The Australian Hapkido Association was founded by 9th Dan Grandmaster Sung Su Kim.