Course Participent

If you are enrolling in a course you must be a member of Australian Sailing. To do this you can sign up for a course participant membership with the club that will allow you to register. The course participant membership does not allow you to sail with the club externally to the sailing course.

Membership Fees

From July From January
Junior (below 19 last July 1st) $ 63 $ 45
Student (fulltime and below 25 last July 1st) $ 119 $ 57
Senior or Kayak/Canoe $ 296 $ 148
Family (at least one Junior) $ 398 $ 222



Sailpass (try sailing) $ 16 per day sailing
Member Schools $ 28 $ 28

CYC and ANUSC members

ANUSC Student AS and YMCASC membership See Student above
ANUSC AS membership and YMCASC race fees only $ 114 $ 80
ANUSC Student AS membership only $ 34 $ 34
CYC YMCASC reciprocal race fees only $ 114 $ 80


Australian Sailing Number

An Australian Sailing (AS) Number is your unique identifier in the sport of Sailing in Australia that recognises you as a member of an affiliated club. Once you are registered in the system, you are generated:

  • An Australian Sailing number
  • A system username (first initial)(last name)(and maybe a 1, 2, 3, ...) such as jblow2
  • An online profile

A key benefit of your AS number is that if you enter a regatta, enrol for a course or join a new club you identify yourself to Australian Sailing (with your userid and password), which brings up the relevant parts of your online profile. You then only have to complete any questions specific to the event.

If you enrol in a course, sign up for Sail Pass or join a club you will be assigned an Australian Sailing number. If you want to do any of these things and think you may already have an AS number check here.

Family Memberships

Our definition of a family is at least 3 members, at least one of whom must be a junior. You will find that seperate memberships for a parent and child is cheaper than a Family membership. If you are a couple sailing together please approach the Club for a discount.

Within Famlly Memberships we have three classes, Family Paying Parent, Family Non-paying Adult and Family Non-paying Juniors. The Family Paying Parent pays the full fee, the other two classes are free. To ensure that we can link members within a family, Family Non-paying Adult and Family Non-paying Junior memberships require you to enter the Australian Sailing Number of the Family Paying Parent member. For this reason you should note it when registering or renewing your membership. Alternatively click here.

Managing Your Family

RevolutioniseSPORTS allows you to specify a primary family member for each family member profile. One primary family member can be linked to many secondary family members. If enabled, primary family members will be able to access basic details of their family members via the members area on your public website, including any outstanding invoices and payment history. This is useful if you have a teenager who has set their own password for their member profile, but still expects you to pay for course enrolments or regatta entries. If you wish to activate this feature please contact us at

Sail Pass

When you sign up for Sail Pass you can choose up to 4 or 6 Saturdays. With a fee of $16 per Saturday that is up to $64 or $96. Note that our Race Fee for casual sailors is $20 per Saturday. If you choose to become a permenant member of the Club whatever you have paid will be credited towards the cost of your permanent membership. If you decide to purchase say 2 Saturdays you must either join the Club as a permenant member or pay Race Fees for any subsequent Saturday.

Some Saturdays may be blocked. There is no Club racing on these Saturdays.

Sailpass does not count for Tuesday twilight learner races.

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