Executive Charter


The YMCA of Canberra Sailing Club is established within the constitution of the Young Men's Christian Association of Canberra. It operates under rules authorised by the constitution and approved by the Board of the YMCA.

The Sailing Club's legal existence is as an integral part of the YMCA of Canberra. Accordingly the Sailing Club is required comply with the procedures approved by the Board of the YMCA to ensure that the operations of the YMCA are conducted safely, effectively, efficiently and in compliance with legislation.

Sailing Club Objects

  1. The primary object of the Sailing Club shall be to provide a club for members of the Sailing Club to engage in competitive and non-competitive sailing and other aquatic recreation activities.
  2. In pursuing the primary object, and without limitation, the Sailing Club shall:
    1. cater for family groups; and
    2. encourage the participation and training of young people in a manner consistent with the YMCA of Canberra Objects as set out in the Constitution.

Club Executive Object

To control and manage the affairs of the Sailing Club in order to achieve the Objects of the Sailing Club.[1]

Club Executive Vision

We will develop a club which provides fun and safe sailing and training within an environment which encourages members to stay and non-members to join. We will have a focus on the development of youth.


All Sailing Club activities shall be conducted in accordance with:

  1. The Objects of the Sailing Club;
  2. The Rules of the Sailing Club;
  3. The policies and procedures approved by the Board to control YMCA Canberra Region activities.
  4. The Racing Rules of Sailing; and
  5. Any directions by the Board of the YMCA of Canberra.


  • Maintenance of the Club House and Boat Shed is a YMCA responsibility.
  • Administration of the employment of staff is a YMCA responsibility.


  • Commodore (chairs meetings of the Executive)
  • Vice Commodore
  • Rear Commodore Sailing
  • Rear Commodore Training
  • Rear Commodore Support (Treasurer)
  • Club Secretary


  • Marine Captain
  • Galley Captain
  • Membership Secretary

Club Members

Any club member who has a matter that he or she wishes to raise with the Executive is encouraged to attend meetings of the Executive to discuss the matter.


  • The Executive will meet on the first Monday of each month.
  • A summary of minutes of meetings of the Executive will be published in the next issue of the Club's magazine, Mains'l.
  • Standing items on the agenda of Executive meetings shall be working with children and risk management.

[1] Sailing Club Rules 6.1: Subject to the Constitution and these Rules, the Sailing Club is governed, and the powers of the Sailing Club will be exercised by, a Club Executive to whom the Board delegates the control and management of the affairs of the Sailing Club under clause 27 of the Constitution.


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