U3a Excursion to WYC

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Email 8th jan

Hi Chris

I'm following up on some initial discussions last year, regarding a proposed U3AW excursion to the Watershed. We are currently finalising our semester 1 program and have tentatively scheduled the excursion for Monday 13 May from 10am in anticipation of your agreement.

Are you able to confirm as soon as possible: :

  • you are happy to host an excursion
  • the proposed date suits, or, if not, a preferred date of your choice

If the excursion goes ahead, Genevieve Morris will be the U3AW coordinator and will work with you to write a blurb for the program, conduct a risk assessment, communicate with all participants prior to the date and help coordinate the event on the day.

We have received very positive reports about the WCG's excursion to the Watershed and hope U3AW members can enjoy and learn from the same experience.

Thanks Chris



U3A Wynyard

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