WMSC Offers Introductory Membership for Crew or Visitors --   via Australian Sailing's SailPass Scheme

You may purchase up to 25 days of introductory membership, to cover WMSC events.

The fee is $10.00 per day , only payable on line by credit or debit card. We no longer accept cash . Payment on line produces an Australian Sailing Number and a receipt for the transaction. The receipt serves as your sail pass which you present to us before we allocate you to a boat on each day you sail until you join our club.

If you fail to register on line, before the event, you must use the Sailpass QR Code at he club on your smart phone ,bring your credit card.  Sailpass is only for Crew / Visitors and encourages you to try sailing before joining.

How to register

1. Already a SailPass member

If you have previously registered for a SailPass or have already an Australian Sailing (AS) number, you can register below using your existing AS Number.

Don't know your AS Number? CLICK HERE TO FIND IT.

2.Buy a  New SailPass

If you have never registered for a SailPass and don't have an AS Number click on the 'Don't have an AS Number?' link at the bottom of the page.



Please note Sailpass is for temporary membership only. For information on full membership of WMSC go to this page

PLEASE NOTE to be a Full member of the Wynnum Manly Sailing Club you MUST be a member of the Wynnum Manly Yacht Club click Here for further details and application forms.