Life Members

Life Membership is the highest Award available to recognise the exceptional contribution of individuals to the Warringah Softball Club Inc.  It is therefore only awarded in exceptional circumstances. In considering the award of Life Membership, an individual should have demonstrated significant, sustained and high quality service to enhance the reputation and future of the club.

Existing Life Members are:

Mick Wells
Maria Cimino
Anitra Walker
Colin Wilson
Petrina Wilson
Sally Gardner
Wendy Reid
Kerryl Nealon

The points taken into account when considering any nomination include:

  • The general attitude and overall demeanour of the nominee to ensure that the attitude is one that reflects a dedication to the values of the Warringah Softball Club
  • Commitment to the principals of good sportsmanship
  • Valued leadership and good role modelling that reflects credit upon the Warringah Softball Club

The points apply in whatever role th nominee has participated in during their service in Warringah Softball Club.

In addition to the status of membership of Warringah Softball Club, Life Membership is recognised by:

  • Award of the Life Membership at the Warringah Softball Club Annual General Meeting;
  • Exemption from playing fees associated with Warringah Softball Club;
  • Listing in the Warringah Softball Club website and other official documents.

If you know of anyone who you believe shows these qualities, please nominate them to the committee prior to the next AGM.


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