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SPASC Clubhouse - Upstairs Area Full Day $600

$600.00 per day

Hire of the upstairs area of the Speers Point Amateur Sailing Club is available for hire on a daily basis to approved persons and organisations on agreed date(s), subject to the following conditions:

  1. The person(s) will not use the premises for any purpose other than the purposes advised within the booking request.
  2. This agreement is limited to the use of the upstairs area of the SPASC Clubhouse building and does not include the office.
  3. The function will be adequately supervised, particularly the entry and departure of persons attending this function and ensure no-one enters SPASC’s boat storage area downstairs.
  4. All persons will use the metal stairs on the western side of the SPASC Clubhouse and NOT the front entry, to enter the SPASC Clubhouse.
  5. The person(s) must be a member of SPASC (Social Membership acceptable) and have appropriate Liability Insurance.
  6. The person(s) will pay to SPASC the daily fee of $400 plus a refundable security depost of $200 (if one is required).
  7. The person(s) agrees to accept full responsibility for the safety of all persons using the premises during the use of the SPASC clubhouse and will indemnify SPASC against all claims of death of or injury to or damage to any property which may occur or be sustained on or near the premises during the use and against all actions, demands and costs which be incurred in respect thereof.
  8. The person(s) accepts full responsibility for any damage sustained to the premises and its contents and will reimburse SPASC to the full extent of this damage
  9. After expiration of use of the SPASC clubhouse the person(s) will leave the premises in the condition that they were in at the commencement of use.  This may be subject to assessment by a SPASC office bearer.
  10. After the expiration of use of the SPASC clubhouse the person(s) will return any keys to the premises to an SPASC office bearer.
  11. The person(s) will not do or permit to be on or near the premises anything which might constitute excessive noise or nuisance as defined by the continuing Crown Lands Licence to SPASC.
  12. The agreed use of the premises is to the person(s) detailed within this form and is not assignable.
  13. SPASC retains the right to use the security deposit or any reimbursement from the person(s) for damage or loss as a result of a breach by the person(s) of these conditions.  If the person(s) does not breach these conditions the security deposit will be refunded to the person(s) at the expiration of usage.
  14. SPASC excludes liability for any loss or damage arising in any way in connection with this agreement (including loss or damage sustained through negligence).
Please select a start time no earlier than 07:00.
Please select an end time no later than 21:00.