Southern Table Tennis Inc.

Policies & Procedures

Covid-19 Management:

The Southern Table Tennis seeks the support of all patrons to respect current Covid-19 restrictions and compliance. Note – in line with SA Government direction, there is no longer a requirement for Southern Table Tennis to have a Covid Safe Plan, nor for patrons to record their attendance (QR Code) or STT to appoint a Covid Marshal to training, social or competition sessions.

– If unwell, or with flu like symptoms, do not enter the stadium

– The use of masks is optional,

– Please use hand sanitizer on entry, during your stay and on departure,

– Work on the basis of ‘get in, have your practice, social or competition session, then depart the venue’ .

– Vaccination status is not a criteria impacting access to table tennis at Southern.

STT Covid 19 – Responsibilities April 2022


STT01-Constitution adopted November 2009

Strategic Plan:

STT02-Strategic Plan 2014_2018

STT02-Strategic Plan 2014_2018 Detail

Policies, Regulations and By-Laws:

Southern Policy Register

STT03 – Southern Hot Weather Policy

STT04-Code of Conduct adopted March 2011

STT05-Competition by laws

STT06-Child Protection Policy adopted March 2011

STT07-Member Protection Policy

STT08 – No Smoking Policy – updated 24 Oct 2019

STT12-Social Media Policy

STT13-Risk Management Policy

STT16 – Good Sports – Alcohol Safe Transport and Smoking Management Policy

Note – Southern Table Tennis is an affiliate of Table Tennis SA and embraces the policies and procedures of TTSA which can be found at Policies and Forms – Table Tennis South Australia (


STT09-Induction Form for  Coaches
STT10-Induction Form for Volunteers who will be  working with children
STT11-Induction Form for Volunteers

Snapshot – Service Rule & Legal Bat & Player Umpire Responsibilities

Annual General Meeting:

Office Bearer Nomination Form
Member Delegate Nomination Form
Southern Membership Form



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