Welcome Ray !!

Seibukan would like to welcome Ray to the club. Looking forward to training with you

Welcome Hristijan and Min!!

Welcome Hristijan and Min!! to Seibukan! It's wonderful to have you aboard! Really looking forward to training together with you

Welcome Carl !

Welcome to our newest member Carl Ogoy. Carl is no stranger to martial arts and brings a dynamism which I'm sure will increase the energy in the room. Welcome Carl to the Seibukan!

Welcome Steve

Seibukan Dojo extends a big welcome to Steven Vickers, our latest member. Steve has done several other martial arts and is a great add

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

A fantastic year for the Seibukan Club, thanks to our wonderful members. Enjoy a safe festive season with loved ones and see you on January 4th. Warm wishes from Ian

Welcome Rodney Pearce and Angel Mana-ay

A big big welcome to Rodney Pearce and Angel Mana-ay on joining Seibukan in Darwin! This takes our outpost up to 5 members. I'm looking forward to the challenge and have trust in the 3 members up there to assist in teaching. Welcome guys!!!

Congrats to Sean on passing 2 Dan

Congratulations to Sean Yeo on passing his 2 Dan at the 2023 Australian Iaido shinsa. Lots of hard work put in with an excellent result

Welcome to Rob Anderson

A big welcome to Rob Anderson, our newest member. Rob comes in as a 2 Dan already and after 12 months of training, will be eligible to sit 3 Dan. Very happy to Have Rob with us, sure you will all make him feel welcome too!

Darwin training April

A very successful 3 days of training was held in Darwin a few days ago with Jay, Nikko and Cale. Thanks for your effort and looking after me whilst I was up there

Tuesdays comes to SEIBUKAN!

Hot off the press- Today I have made a new regular iai class on Tuesday night. Same 6:30 - 8pm time as current Thursdays. Fees will not change . Hope everyone will take full advantage of the extra training opportunity. First session is 18th April

Welcome Darrell and Athrun!

Welcome to our father and sons Darrell and sons Athrun and Aden, joining us this month. Please make them welcome as our newest team members :)

Congrats for Audrey, Bernard and Dan!!

Well done to Audrey and Bernard on attaining their 4th kyu, and Dan Smee on attaining his 5th kyu grade. Very well done! Photo in our Gallery tab

Welcome Brett and Patrick!

A big welcome to our newest members... and Father & son duo of Brett and Patrick! Patrick comes to us from the Darwin Kendo Club and Brett is trying his hand at martial arts for the very first time. Welcome guys.

Welcome to our newest members Sean Yeo and Stephanie Reincastle!!

A big warm welcome to our newest members Sean and Stephanie. Sean is shodan and after a small break from iai of only 22 years is back with a vengeance. He is already a part of the furniture here with us. Stephanie is brand new to the club and has done a little kendo in the past but comes in as a clean canvas. Looking forward to training with you both.

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