Seibukan (西 館) Dojo Perth was founded by Ian Thomason in March2022. Its origins date back to mid 1988, when Ian was living near Nagasaki, Japan. Ian had done Jujutsu since 1983, and was learning Aikido and Karate in Japan. Coming home one day he stumbled upon a sword school; the teacher accepted him as a student - the first Westerner, in fact. The school was called Seibukan, and the sensei, Tsujita Yoshinori-sensei (8 Dan hanshi ), had since passed away in 2003.

As a mark of respect for his first sensei, Ian wanted to adopt the name for his school in Perth, all made possible by that initial training and reaching 1st Dan in Nagasaki back in 1988. However, to be a little unique, the first character for 'sei' was changed from (生, or living) to the meaning of 'West' (西), acknowledging our location here in Western Australia. So, whilst retaining the sound and name of seibukan, it now has a changed meaning of Western Martial Hall.

Seibukan  teaches the All Japan Kendo Federation Iai Kata, and the style of Iai called Muso Shinden-ryu, as taught by Dr Ah-Loi Lee-sensei (7 Dan renshi ) and Lee-sensei's teacher in Japan, Ishido Shizufumi-sensei (8 Dan hanshi) in Kawasaki, Japan. Ian was a student for 12 years with Jugokan before starting the seibukan. A huge thank you to Lee sensei for all her guidance and teaching.

It is Ian's hope that he can pass on his learnings and help Iai to expand and flourish in Australia. 

Aside from teaching in Perth, Ian is currently teaching Iaido at Darwin Kendo Club from Perth via Zoom and other methods. He is increasingly teaching at interstate seminars too.

The club is affiliated with the West Australian Kendo Renmei, and subsequently the Australian Kendo Renmei (AKR), and International Kendo Federation (FIK).

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